Would you like to spend a nice travel without unpleasant or unexpected surprises?

Read the rules for a good journey suggested by Duomo Autonoleggi:
in the past 35 years we have reached a so great experience that taught us the best tricks to deal with a bus trip with serenity and joy.

  1. 1. Choose a suitable place
    If you suffer from motion sickness choose the seats immediately behind the driver: there is less vibration and stress than in the rear part of the coach.
  2. 2. Have a sweatshirt or jacket
    Sometimes the air conditioning may seem annoying: remember to bring with you something to wear, a jacket or a sweatshirt, to cover you.
  3. Choose a personal entertainment
    Listening to music, reading a book or using your smartphone are forms of entertainment that allow you to isolate or to make the trip more enjoyable and not boring.
  4. Always have some medicine ready to hand
    It may happen that a trip can cause illness and headaches: to avoid spending “a nightmare journey” remember to have a small box with some medicine with you.
  5. Respect the times set
    Travelling by coach it is important to respect the schedule to avoid accumulating significant delays. Never take your eye off the clock during each stop and present yourself by the coach a few minutes before leaving.

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